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Better Health, Better Life - Episode 13

Wil and Scott meet with Keri Dylan to talk about hip anatomy and some common problems that are related to the hip, leg, and groin.  The hip, as a very mobile and weight bearing joint, can experience ailments such as hip arthritis or hip bursitis.  Hip issues can often be misdiagnosed as back problems.  As such, back pain can often keep people from addressing the hip.  Learn how this type of pain can be treated with physical therapy and some of the specific treatments that focus on the hip.

Better Health, Better Life - Episode 4

Debbie interviews Wil and Scott to talk specifics about shoulders and related ailments that are often treated with physical therapy.  One of the most common treatments involves the rotator cuff.  The rotator cuff plays the important role of keeping your shoulder bone lined up on your shoulder blade.  Find out more about how the muscles around your rotator cuff effect your range of motion and personal activity levels.  Proper physical therapy can help prevent surgery and help you maintain your active lifestyle longer.